Heathen Symbols in Zerbst

The town of Zerbst in Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany, was a very important town during the 14th and 15th century. As one of the oldest towns, the city had a couple of very old churches and other noteworthy buildings. Unfortunately most of the city was destroyed by inhuman, anglo-american  attacks during the second world-war. Only a few ruins remained after this act of cultural vandalism. Some heathen symbols on the walls of church remained but are doomed to disappear forever in a couple of years. The Nicolai-church, of which only the walls remain, has a lot of interesting symbols and figures on it. Note that Nicolai is related to the cult of Odin/Wodan [Hnikar]. One particular well-preserved sculpture on the Nicolai-church is the so-called Judensau.

All pictures by J. De Cooman. You can reuse the pictures freely. Drop me a small note when you publish them.


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